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QaS Quiz

The following light-hearted quizzes are intended to help you consider your partnership activities and your progress. They will hopefully give you some ideas on how to increase the quality and sustainability of your partnership.

You could use them at a project meeting as an ice-breaking activity, or you could complete them on an individual basis and later share the results with your partners. In any case, they should always be answered individually first. They come in English, German and French – choose the language of communication of your partnership! The entire Quiz collection will be ready in these three language by September.

Once you have completed a quiz, you can check your answers and look at other areas of the web for further insight and advice. Please note that there isn´t always a good or a bad answer and that the quiz is to be considered a game!

The Quiz Collection

All files below in pdf-format and in English, German and French.

Quiz 1: Hosting a Project Meeting

Quiz 2: Good Coordination

Quiz 3: Communication and Collaboration

Quiz 4: Evaluation

Quiz 5: Dissemination

Quiz 6: Project and Financial Management

Quiz 7: Encouraging mobility

Quiz 8: Impact and Involvement on organisations