Göteborg: Teaching ESD and global goals in preschools

Get a deeper understanding of education for sustainable development (ESD) and Agenda 2030. Internal application.

The Lpfö18 clearly states sustainable development, health and well-being among the main tasks of the preschool. It stresses that preschoolers should get knowledge about how the different choices that people make can contribute to sustainable development in terms of economic, social and environmental contributions. 

This seminar covers the three dimensions and provide the deeper understanding of the global goals and ultimately useful tools for how to fulfill the task given to the preschools by Skolverket to work with sustainable development. 



08.30   Introduction

The global school and the leaders of the preschools.

08.45   The rights of Mother Nature?

Mattias KästelIn many of the societies that today dominate the world, nature is seen as a resource, on human terms. Ecosystems then do not have a value in itself but mostly a utility value for our production and consumption. The laws have not been created to protect nature but to regulate its exploitation.

In 1948 UN declared the Universal Human Rights for everyone. An historic milestone to emphasize the equal value of human life, justice and equality. Is it now time to declare the rights of Mother Nature?

Lecture by Mattias Kästel, educator at the Museum of World Culture.



09.30   Workshops 

1. Mattias Kästel

How can we transform the thoughts within the Rights of Nature movement in to everyday didactics for children in a preschool context?

2. Viktoria Åman

Viktoria ÅmanThe workshop will deal with the four global goals 2,3 14 and 15 from a scientific perspective. We will test different activities to work with both the global goals and science. You can then do these with the children. We will delve into the goals by using mostly biology and chemistry.

Viktoria Åman is educator at Universeum Science Center.

10.30   Coffee break



11.00   Workshops

Mattias Kästel and Viktoria Åman. Groups switched.

12.00    Workshop

How are the goals 2, 3, 4 and 15 connected? How can we work with these connections in everyday activities?



Internal application.