Due to the spread of the coronavirus and resulting restrictions, it is currently difficult to complete international exchange and cooperation. On this page, we’ve compiled information on how programme activities are affected and what you as a project coordinator with an ongoing project should do.

Information to project coordinators affected by restrictions

UHR’s role is to safeguard international cooperation and exchange and we wish to contribute in different ways to the completion of cooperation projects. In this situation, we urge our project coordinators to:

  • postpone planned activities within the contract period, in some programmes the contract period can be extended
  • keep in touch with project partners – find alternative solutions, complete meetings digitally, book tickets that can be rebooked.

Find out what applies to your project

Every programme has specific information on what applies to projects affected by restrictions connected to the coronavirus. Find out what applies to the programme you’ve received financing from. You can find links to all programmes at Utbyten.se under Programme (in Swedish).

Postponed application period

The following programmes have postponed this year’s application period:

Atlas Conference (in Swedish) – the application period is preliminarily expected to open in October 2020.

Erasmus advanced planning visits (in Swedish) – the monthly calls are currently closed.

Cancellations and changes to meetings and events

Meetings and other events that were to take place from March to May 2020 have been cancelled. However, many others will take place later in the year - in some cases, digitally. Keep yourself updated via our events calendar (in Swedish).