Nordplus Junior

General information to beneficiarys' in Nordplus regarding COVID-19.

The administration understands that Nordplus Junior projects maybe facing a difficult situation due to the COVID-19 situation. In general, there are some possibilities that you should consider in your partnership:

  • You can decide to postpone activities. Please send a request to
  • You can prolong your project period so that you can carry out postponed activities. Please send a request to
  • You can consider having a digital meeting instead of a physical meeting if it makes sense in relation to the objectives of your project

Digital activities

Nordplus would also like to draw the attention to the following extraordinary changes to the Nordplus regulation:

  • In mobility projects: “Digital mobility” will exceptionally by accepted as “regular mobility” as long as the pandemic is ongoing.
  • In collaboration projects: Costs linked to on-line meetings replacing planned physical meetings will exceptionally be accepted as long as the pandemic is ongoing.
  • Beneficiaries with open grant agreements will also have the option of extending the project period to be able to carry out postponed activities.

Approved funding for “digital activities” can be used for direct costs such as IT-support service or to purchase needed hardware and/or software or indirect cost such as training for participants. Approval of these costs will be a temporary exception from the general Nordplus funding rules set out in the handbook due to the exceptional situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Approved funding for “digital implementation” cannot exceed the grant that has been allocated to the “original implementation” of a given activity.    

This will apply for active projects/networks (2017-2020) during the pandemic. Keep an eye out for new decisions on this matter.

Project number

Always remember to state your project number when you contact us!

About costs

In first hand, travels should be rebooked or rescheduled. For costs which are not reimbursed (lost costs), try to receive reimbursement for flight taxes and investigate if you have insurance which might cover these expenses. These costs will be deducted in the financial evaluation of the final report.

Note allocation round 2020

The Nordplus Junior administration has decided to prolong the project periods with 6 months. Note that this only applies for those of you who are approved of 12-24 months long project period. (For the projects approved of a 36 months project period, your period cannot be changed since you have reached the limit.)

This extended project period allows you to reschedule you planned exchanges if necessary. Keep a close contact with your partners as you proceed with your plans. You do not have to contact the Junior administration with eventual revised meetings and visits within this extended period.

Projects approved for preparatory visits in the autumn application round kan realize their visit throughout 2021.

Force majeure

If you must cancel a trip, and have costs related to travel and/or accommodation that cannot be reimbursed, you can apply for coverage under the force majeure clause. Please note that it is not possible for Nordplus to cover more than the grant allocated to the cancelled activity (for mobility actions i.e. the unit costs for travel and subsistence). That means that if Nordplus accepts force majeure, we will cover the real costs for travel and/or accommodation up to the amount allocated to the activity (unit costs for mobility actions). It is also not possible for Nordplus to provide extra funding for a new trip.

Apply for coverage

If you apply for coverage of costs due to force majeure, you must send the request to, and attach a templet for force majeure in which you explain the situation:

  • Project number and project activity
  • Which activity was cancelled and why?
  • What actual costs have you had in relation to the cancelled activity that cannot be reimbursed?
  • You will have to keep documentation for the incurred costs (flight tickets, hotel bookings etc.), and you will have to be able to provide documentation that the costs were not refundable/and you will have to sign a declaration stating that the costs could not be recovered by other means.


Templet force majeur project/network action

Templet force majeur mobility

The Nordplus administration is wishing you the best of luck with the project.