If participants need special educational support or adaptations during their time abroad, it is possible to apply for funding for the additional costs that may arise.

In cases of permanent disability or disease

The student or teacher’s home university applies for the funding. Prior to applying, the student/teacher discusses their need for supportive measures with the disability coordinator and the international coordinator at the department or university. You should not send in any doctor’s certificates or other sensitive personal details.

What you can apply for

You can apply for funding for the additional costs that arise in association with participant’s time abroad. Additional costs are the increased expenses for the university or participant that are not funded in some other manner, such as

  • transport
  • teaching material
  • accommodation
  • assistant/companion
  • medical follow-up, physiotherapy
  • medical examinations in the host country.

Agreement for extra support

The participant’s home university is responsible for the time abroad being adapted to the participant’s needs. You should therefore ensure that everyone involved agrees to and understands what support is necessary and what can be offered to the participant during the exchange. There is a specific document you should use to clarify what you have agreed upon:

Agreement on support for participants with disabilities (pdf)

In the agreement, you describe what is necessary for the exchange to take place and what actual support the home university and the receiving university can provide the student or teacher.

How to apply

Use a specific application form to apply, see below.

  • You apply for actual costs and describe the participants’ needs in the application, but exclude personal details.
  • Submit the application before the participant begins their mobility.
  • Submit the agreement on support for participants with special needs (see above).

Application for contribution to participant with disabilities (pdf)

Save the documentation

Save all the documentation that shows the costs. This must be available in case of an audit/review.