There are a few things you need to think about before you start filling in your project application. This page has more information about the framework application, letter of intent, etc.

Framework application

All applications for grants from the Linnaeus-Palme Partnership must be included in a framework application from the Swedish university responsible for them. It is the university that is responsible for conditions that allow projects to be conducted with a high level of quality.

The university gathers all the applications from its departments in the framework application. The university’s Linnaeus-Palme coordinator is responsible for listing the departments’ projects and describing how the university’s supporting units, staff and internal work, such as with syllabuses, will create the right conditions for completing the project. The framework application must be approved and signed by the vice-chancellor or other authorised person with the right to sign agreements or otherwise certify his or her approval.

You cannot submit the department’s project application until the university’s framework application is finished. You must thus find out who the university’s Linnaeus-Palme coordinator is and your university’s deadline for submitting project applications to them, so the framework application can be completed in time.  A copy of the framework application must be attached to eaxh project application. 

A link to the relevant framework application is on the start page for the Linnaeus-Palme programme.

Responsibilities of the Linnaeus-Palme coordinator

As a coordinator, you must

  • collect all the overviews of the relevant project applications and compile the framework application,
  • get the vice-chancellor, or other authorised person with the right to sign agreements, to sign it or otherwise certify his or her approval,
  • send a copy to all the contact people who are planning to submit a project application in that round.
  • The project owners the attach the framework application to their project application as a pdf file.

You compile

  • the university’s contact details,
  • a statement of the project applications’ role in the university’s internationalisation work, and the programme’s importance for the university,
  • a description of how the university creates the right conditions for conducting the project,
  • an overview of all departments’ project applications.

Letter of intent

All project applications must include a letter of intent from the foreign Palme university. This document must

  • be a pdf so it can be uploaded to the application system,
  • clearly show that the foreign university supports the project application through a date or specific phrasing (we do not accept old letters of intent that have been submitted with previous applications),
  • be written in English (or supplemented by a translation to Swedish or English),
  • be signed by or indicate who is authorised representative of the university and include place and date.

We have provided an example of a letter of intent that you can use as a template:  Example of a letter of intent (word)

Planning visit

If you have a new partner and need to meet to establish guidelines for an upcoming project, you can apply for funding for planning visits through Linnaeus-Palme Planning.  Planning visits must take both in both directions, so planning can take place both in Sweden and the partner country, and create the right conditions for mutual cooperation.  Read more about Linnaeus-Palme Planning

Contact seminars

We organise regular contact seminars that aim to establish contacts with new partners. Keep an eye out for information here on the website or ask a Linnaeus-Palme administrator.