More about the programme

The aim is to strengthen partnerships between Swedish universities and universities in low and middle-income countries, to contribute to developing capacity in departments and to widen interest in cooperation for development among young people.

International experience and higher quality

Linnaeus-Palme Partnership is a programme that offers higher education institutions, in Sweden and in low and middle-income countries, grants for mutual exchanges and other activities that build a partnership and increase the capacity of participating individuals and departments.

The programme has both education policy and aid policy aims. It must strengthen the education sector, increase the quality of education, contribute to strategic work on internationalisation, departmental capacity development and widening the interest in development work among young people. The programme also provides an opportunity to establish and deepen partnerships between departments that may eventually lead to joint projects in teaching and research.


The focus of an exchange project on the programme must be mutual academic benefit and a joint exchange of experience. Cooperation should thus be characterised by equality and utilise the specific competence of both parties, even if their circumstances and resources may differ.


The Linnaeus-Palme Partnership is funded by Sida as part of the strategy for capacity development, partnership and methods that support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Swedish Council for Higher Education is responsible for the programme’s administration and development.